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Love & Compassion

What lies at the core of my heart is the supreme essence of spirit – love. Its long arm enables me to reach out to the world and every living creature I perceive. With this arm I touch all and everything I desire. Love is a powerful moving force that influences the world.

The deep indelible colour of love creates rich and positive emotions which override any thoughts in me of harm toward others. When allowed to prevail, love brings coherence to heart and mind. Then I am whole and therefore capable of being in a state of Oneness with my environment.

Goodwill, inbred tolerance, patience, charity, respect, deep understanding and co-operation are manifestations of love. In love there is selflessness and total devotion. Love banishes fear, anger, greed, vanity, lust and attachment. In love there are no regrets or remorse. Love for self is a prerequisite for being a joyful loving person

You have truly given and grown today,
when all you remember is that
tomorrow is a day to give.

To truly love another, first observe keenly,
be replete with sweet feelings,
then tip yourself over and let all the goodness pour out.

The spirit of love within
will not only heal the raging inner fire
but also alter the outer circumstance
that caused it.

Love and fear are the primal emotions
out of which are born all other emotions.
Love makes us, fear shrinks us.
Love creates, fear destroys.
Love is the ultimate truth, fear is an illusion.
Love comes from within, fear from without.

Before I judge a man,
let me walk a mile in his shoes.
Before I see wrong in him,
let me look with his eyes and feel his emotions.
Before I strike him, let me feel his pain.
When I have done all this, I may change my mind.

I cherish compassion as the essence of all life. Its energy is divine. When I am compassionate, I feel sympathy and show concern for the wellbeing of others, and find myself swimming in the ocean of love and mercy.

A kind word whispered in the ear of an ill-fated person
creates radiant energy, as good as a health supplement,
in both the giver and the receiver of the whisper.
Compassion is curative.

Listening is an art of the heart.
Ears are more for persuading than listening.
With heart you will hear that which is not spoken.

Understanding is seeing through
the eye of the other person,
and walking a mile in their shoes.
Empathy is experiencing feelings through
the heart of the other person,
and shedding their tears through your eyes.
You’re truly living when these talents come alive.

Excerpts from Chapter 9 of the Gentle Breeze of Daily Wisdom – Love & Compassion

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Gentle Breeze of Daily Wisdom

  • You and I are one, so I urge you to read it as if you wrote it. Recite and mull over what touches you. Leave the rest. Your subconscious mind will take you back to it when the time is right. The tide of right time comes at some point, and with it comes the wisdom that peels off the layers of illusory ornamental adornments which conceal the divine truth about us.Thank you for being. Anil Kumar
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