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Good-bye, Mr Patel II - The Sequel

A story of self discovery and quest for flawless vision
The journey continues..this time inward, not linear

Goodbye Mr. Patel II The Sequel

Following popularity of the prequel ‘Good Bye, Mr Patel‘, Anil Kumar was cajoled by a number of his readers to write more. This Sequel is the result.

It is essentially about what the author has learnt, and continues to learn, from reflecting on the major events of his life, and how he has philosophically and spiritually explained his understanding of the mysterious workings of Nature behind momentous events of his life; there is a plausible explanation at a deeper level for all that happens in life.

Look beyond the tip of your nose. Go there, out in the distance where the two sides of the road appear to come together, and destroy the myth – ‘what you see with your eyes is reality’

Totality is akin to seeing the whole river from source to mouth before claiming you have seen the river, until then all you have done is to stand by the river to see a section of it and be deluded that you have in fact seen the river.

Enlightenment is spawned out of a 360-degree awareness of one’s total setting, enabled by supernatural sensory perceptions. When one is enlightened, one’s understanding of all hidden dimensions of the environment is so deep that it cannot be expressed in comprehensible words to a mind that is ordinary; there is no spoken language for it, but simply a state of total dynamic silence where even the notion of sound is absent.

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A story of self-discovery and quest for flawless vision. The journey continues; this time inward, not linear.
‘What you see with your eyes is reality’ is a myth.