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Good-bye, Mr Patel II - The Sequel

A story of self discovery and quest for flawless vision

When life is not to our liking, we apply various techniques learned from books and manuals to bring about changes in our conditioning, but these techniques work from the conscious mind which is not always steady and is a million times weaker than the subconscious mind. These learnings work for a period, but only when supported by willpower, and soon the underlying set patterns of thought and behaviour return to bring us back to the original state, simply because the conscious mind flits from one thought to another as it is preoccupied with reacting and responding to the changing external environment, planning, evaluating, interpreting, judging, discerning, debating, arguing and all the other clever things to keep the ego bolstered, thus weakening the willpower.

Even when one becomes aware of one’s false and self-limiting conditioning, one finds it impossible to change it permanently, unless one learns how to enter the subconscious mind and edit out the undesirable programmes.

There is a definite and impenetrable partition between the two minds. It is like a firewall that protects computer network and programmes against unauthorised access, and only allows signals from outside to pass through if they are recognised as compatible with the inner programmes; any signal or message that is contradictory to the inner programme is denied access. This is how the efficacy of the conditioning stored in the subconscious mind is preserved. For instance, if one has been brought up to believe that money does not bring happiness, then any endeavour to amass money to improve physical life will not succeed – because there is conflict between the subconscious and the conscious minds, and invariably the former will win because it is more powerful of the two.

However, any fresh and unique information is allowed to enter the subconscious mind; thus facilitating further beliefs and conditioning. Otherwise the only way to access the subconscious mind is to remove any conflict between the two minds. This is done by firstly changing any unwanted beliefs in the subconscious mind.

The process of change begins in solitude with placement of thoughts on revised beliefs. It may include chanting of monosyllabic sounds, mantras or words as packets of information meaningful only to the meditator. Within a few minutes the subject, whilst in a wakeful state, recedes into a sleep mode and the mind is silenced into a hypnotic trance. There is no awareness of the outside world. It is in this state that the subconscious mind lets the guard down and lends itself open to being altered. Now the old undesirable beliefs can be replaced with new ones.

This process, which is one of many other that are not so personal or intimate, may be supplemented by concurrent change in behaviour that seeks to reflect the impending new belief or behaviour. For instance, the subject who is trying to change the belief that money does not bring happiness should start to say openly with gusto and seeming conviction that money does bring happiness.

The same technique can be used to accomplish challenging tasks, overcome difficult situations, free oneself of addictions and even improve certain health conditions. The only requirements are clear visualisation and affirmation of the desired outcomes in total absence of doubt and fear.

My introspections tell me that beliefs are the centrepiece of my actions and behaviour. They are the building blocks of my life. My entire ethos and working creed are founded on beliefs. I believe, therefore I am. Everything in my reciprocating world begins with a thought which, when consistently held with zest, becomes a belief. Beliefs are the silent agents of creation. They are the sparks that ignite the engine for connecting with the cosmic mind where the Law of Creation resides.

I am empowered to create my physical, social, economic and psychological order with beliefs. Consciousness, sustained thoughts with commitment and capacity to imagine are the key elements for adding vitality to them. Beliefs with vitality produce desired results and thus become guiding tenets over time. Beliefs without vitality exist simply as ideas.

Beliefs are the armoury for all potential outcomes. Strongly embedded beliefs, positive or negative, govern our lives and give constructive or destructive outcomes. When positive, they shatter all limiting barriers to reaching lofty heights of attainments, and when lacking positivity they stymie all endeavour. Excellence is fostered by beliefs, and so is mediocrity. Beliefs are the seeds of riches and rags.

Embedded beliefs are our paradigms, the templates with which we see the world and react and respond. Paradigms are the programmes that reside in the subconscious mind.

The modern science is coming forth to explain integrity and connectedness of all animate and inanimate objects at the deeper level as postulated by the age old spiritual wisdom. Scientific experiments have shown that even when two parts of a single photon – a particle of light – are held several miles apart in a vacuumed container under laboratory conditions, when one part is tickled, the other behaves as if it has had the same experience instantly. Nothing has moved in the vacuum in between. It stands to reason that there has to be a unifying energy field at the root of existence that holds everything together in a state of connectedness. Therefore, at the quantum level, the distance between two members of the same body, no matter how far apart they appear to be visually, is always zero. The two parts of the photon, although visually apart, were not separate but permanently connected for both to have had the same experience instantaneously.

This powerful understanding gives credence to the old wisdom – ‘what I do unto other, I do unto myself’.

Ancient seers have said “when you are confronted by a hostile person, silently and compassionately whisper the words ‘the spirit in me is the spirit in you’ to rekindle in both the fire of placation”. The power and authenticity of the truth in this wisdom is validated by the experiment with the two parts of a photon.

It can be deduced, whilst appearing to be living in a physical world tainted with disorder and littered with separation, in reality we exist in a virtual world where all communication is instant and unmediated, but we are increasingly becoming less alive to the stark truth that there is an all pervasive and highly intelligent force the origin of which is still a mystery.

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