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Gentle Breeze of Daily Wisdom - Reviews

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Its time you wrap in the orange easy lungi and lead the “occupied Squirrels”. Finished reading your book at 20,000 ft. airspace, above the ENGLISH CHANNEL.

Love the way the entire book has been laid out - very easy to read - with amazing messages/quotes on each and every page to bring the reader to what is the ultimate TRUTH.Bravo for the work that you have created! This is going to be a HIT and your reward will be the joy that it will bring to others. I will refer to this book - often enough myself to bring me back to the present moment of being connected to the divine.I keep Gentle Breeze close to me and read and refer to it often – thanks for this gift and I know that one day it will touch a million people the way it has touched me.
Hakoo Patel, Boston, USA
Anil, Thank you sincerely for sharing your latest publications with me which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very beneficial in maintaining focus on the important things in life. I carry your messages with me daily and find them to be very beneficial’.
Anil Kumar Langshott Foundation
Bernadette Tansey-Daly
Your book comes with me everywhere. It's a blessing. Love,
Langshott Leadership Foundation
Afshaa Malik
Thank You for such a wonderful book! Peace and Light.
JohnManjit Naru
Thank you for your contemplation seeds that you have created - again! Knowing you is a real gift. I am still loving your book and am about two thirds through it taking one or two 'seeds' most days. Gemma Westcott
Goodbye Mr. Patel II The Sequel
Gemma Westcott
On daily basis, I read some of your thoughts & contemplate on them. It truely is a Gentle Breeze of Daily Wisdom. I am very grateful that you wrote this book. I will benefit a lot from it. It is very rewarding.
Anil's Working Creed
Kishore Patel, Boston, USA
Every page was a breeze over every Hold. Every chapter was gentle and guilded in gold & depth like the spread of autumn leaves. May these golden leaves fall over many many people & over the earth to emerge once more like the thousand Muscaris of glorious Spring. Well done.
Anil's Working Creed
Nutan Yogi